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Zijin specializes in the manufacturing of lithium batteries for electric vehicles , energy storage systems and battery management systems (BMS ) , we provide customized system in residential and commercial solar energy storage, we manufacture lithium batteries and systems for the RV, marine, logistic trucks and minivans, heavy machinery, mobile homes and construction site, camping and on/off-grid markets .


Provide Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries in the design and assembly of lithium batteries into module and complete system. We are passionate in developing energy efficient lithium battery products for Electric vehicle , forklift batteries and solar power storage applications. Lithium Battery is a good replacement from Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Batteries for RV, Marine, Golf, Solar & Commercial Applications. We constantly innovate Cell and Battery Pack Solutions while staying at the forefront of thought leadership for our OEM and Contract Manufacturing customers across the consumer, commercial/industrial, medical & government markets.

Our goal

To bring green energy mainstream to operate at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. The company is constantly evaluating potential electric vehicles, material handling industry, farms, portable power station markets and new growing demand within the sector as the renewable energy market continues to expand.   

Our Products and Services 

Battery lithium batteries for forklifts, Battery lithium battery for industrial machines (Laser Guided Vehicles),Battery lithium batteries for airport electric, Battery lithium batteries for electric vehicles 

Production and Service 


Lithium battery is applicable for industrial, commercial or residential purposes. The Battery Modules or Units are connected for on/off grid renewable energy system


Our energy and power battery cells, modules, and systems achieve superior power, uncompromising safety, high performance and maintenance free, that significantly out-perform traditional lead-acid batteries and other lithium ion products.

Fully customizable systems enable customers to develop battery management and storage systems specific to your needs.

Zijin's lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO) technology was created for industrial machinery and electric vehicles with a quick balancing speed and remote monitoring.

Our services are as multifaceted as our customers, highlighted by four distinctive attributes: time to market, cost savings, customized solutions to project, and engineering experience.

Our passion for Battery Storage Package offers an extremely flexible and robust solution for energy storage and compact and powerful lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) battery systems for LGV and AGV Recreation vehicles and Utility in the dynamic market.

Build your dream home with solar power system
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