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Sustainable Energy

Battery Storage for Buildings

By consuming more of your own energy using lithium battery system, you can reduce the proportion of expensive grid power you use each month

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Energy Storage Container
Image by Yuan Yang

  On-Grid Solar Energy Storage

Protect critical loads with temporary backup power that can be recharged from the grid or solar source,Energy storage can perform other cost-saving and revenue-generating services

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Solar Energy Storage

Farming w/ Renewable Energy

Renewable energy with lithium battery system , built-in BMS offer online monitoring on farms, to control the facilities with stable temperature for livestock and  imperishable goods

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Lithium Battery Storage

To ensure the facilities operate with 24/7 power supply ,off-grid areas or construction site using generators as power supply , to reduce reliability  on diesel generators and paying expensive electricity cost, ESS would be the best choice.

Solar /wind farm can be retrofitted with battery storage, the battery will store energy at times of relatively low cost to reduce electricity bill. Lithium Battery system is most safe and stable type of battery used in energy storage and use it at times of relatively high value. 

In additional, in many on-grid application , ESS designing and fully integrating a system capable of three revenue streams: frequency-regulation services, transmission, and distribution deferral, and demand- response services. 

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