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                 MARINE BATTERY

LiFePO4 Deep Cycle ,

High Capacity Battery Solutions 

Clean , Quiet ,Low maintenance

Lithium batteries also weigh considerably less than any batteries used on a boat. 

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Lithium Battery for electric vehicles ,

lifepo4 prismatic cell

lifepo4 pouch cell

Cylindrical lithium batteries

OEM/ODM is available

EV Battery
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Lithium battery in customized shape and sizes for  electric bike, electric scooter, electric wheelchair, lithium battery golf cart,.,etc

Custom Battery Pack

Lithium battery has the characteristics of high energy density, long service life, high rated voltage, low self-discharge, lightweight, high and low-temperature adaptability, green environmental protection, high power endurance, etc.
Lithium batteries for vehicles are highly reliable batteries for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. Having a high energy density, large capacity, and no memory. Advantages have been recognized by automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells: differences and applications.
Discover the best cells for the industrial and automotive sectors. Zijin's free service in analyse customer’s requirements .
We provide lithium battery system proposal for customer to review and decide the best operation application. We provide lithium battery cell, lithium battery modules, and lithium system integrate with inbuilt BMS and necessary components.

BMS Main Functions

1. Voltage detection and protection
Single and overall voltage detection, overvoltage and under-voltage alarms and protection.

2. Current detection and protection

3. Detection, alarms and protection of charge and discharge current. The charge current is shown as positive and the discharge current is shown as negative.

4. Temperature detection and protection
Battery core temperature detection, and can warn and provides protection when charging and discharging at high and low        temperatures.

5. Short circuit protection
Detecting and protecting output short circuit.

6. Battery pack capacity calculation
SOC calculation of the battery pack can be accurately performed by integrating current and time. The full and current capacity of the battery pack can be set by the upper computer, and the capacity can be automatically updated after a complete charge-discharge cycle is carried out.

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