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Ess for Mining & Construction Site

Relies on the conventional fossil based sources of energy such as diesel, oil and natural gas is now competing with the increased prices of the fuel with less operating margins. Renewable Energy is best choice to improve cost efficiency.

mining battery.png
Forklift Maintenance

Ess for Warehouse & equipment

Lithium batteries are more than 95 percent efficient compare to lead acid batteries. High efficiency, maintenance free for machine equipment to run at low cost and bring  a significant savings .

Lithium batteries for forklift.PNG
Industrial Robotic Arm

Ess for  Manufacturing facility

Lithium battery, designed for autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and other material handling equipment, presents many cost, performance, and environmental improvements over the traditional lead acid batteries.

Industrial Building

The battery system is mainly used for the security of power supply; this involves peak shaving to keep the overhead lines feeding the site within rated limits. At other applications, it is used to provide additional services, including frequency regulation, which it can do more effectively than conventional thermal power plants.

Ensure that the battery park automatically reacts to demand signals and indicators at any time to deliver the necessary services. During periods of strong demand, the system provides additional stability to the grid. Alternatively, it helps control voltage or regulates frequency.

The project highlights different applications and marketing opportunities for storage, based on demand-focused usage. The savings gained by avoiding various grid expansion activities, such as additional transformers, underground cables.

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