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BMS Cloud Monitoring

Remote Monitoring the Battery System 

Using an App , we could be able to view the power consumption and battery performance 
1. Accurately estimate the charged state of power battery
Accurately estimate the State of Charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, that is, the remaining battery Charge, ensure the SOC is maintained within a reasonable range, and prevent the battery damage caused by overcharging or overdischarging, so as to predict at any time how much energy remains in the energy storage battery of hybrid electric vehicle or the charged State of the energy storage battery.

2. Dynamically monitor the working state of the power battery
In the process of battery charging and discharging, the terminal voltage and temperature, charging and discharging current of each battery in the power battery pack and the total voltage of the battery pack are collected in real time to prevent the phenomenon of over-charging or over-discharging of the battery. At the same time to maintain the reliability and efficiency of the operation of the whole group of batteries, making it possible to realize the residual power estimation model. 
****Advanced BMS including :  Balance between single batteries
That is, the single battery is evenly charged, so that all the batteries in the battery pack reach an equilibrium and consistent state. Equalization technology is a key technology of battery energy management system. 

Function of battery core charging balance
The battery cells to be balanced can be balanced during charging: when the battery pack is charged, when the voltage of the cell with the highest voltage reaches the starting balance voltage, and the maximum differential voltage is greater than the balance differential voltage, the balance function of the single cell meeting the conditions will be turned on.
The upper computer can be used for setting the balanced starting voltage and the balanced differential voltage.

1. RS485 communication
With function of RS485 communication, the status of BMS and battery pack can be monitored in real time.

2. Upper computer control
It has a friendly upper computer interface and can conveniently configure protection parameters such as overvoltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, under-temperature and short circuit, function parameters such as balance, sleep, capacity, storage and various alarm parameters through the upper computer.

3.Charging match
BMS is not checked by default when shipping. PACK must be reconfigured according to the requirements of the final customer before shipment.

4. LED display
BMS can calculate the power according to the software, adjust the state of LED indicator, so as to directly reflect the state of remaining power and further meet the safety requirements.

5.Lower power consumption
According to the battery status detected in real time, BMS can switch the working mode by itself to meet the use requirements to the greatest extent, which is a kind of professional customization function;
Working mode: The BMS works normally, the network connection module works normally, and the BMS performs battery management and protection normally;
Low power consumption: BMS monitoring is trouble-free, charging MOS and discharging MOS are closed, network connection module does not work, and MCU enters standby state;
Wake-up mode in sleep mode: ACC, charging, button wake-up;
Sleep mode: BMS sleeps completely (mainly used for sleep after BMS under-voltage protection to prevent battery pack feeding caused by BMS power consumption).
Wake-up way in the mode of low power consumption: communication, timing and charging


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